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Our News

1.The TENK - Tous Ensemble pour le Kongo

Deployment of the TENK; a Congolese platform to respond to the humanitarian crisis in R.D. Congo. The acronym TENK means Tous Ensemble pour le Kongo. The TENK is aiming at helping all the Congolese in the need without any discrimination. More ...

Date Posted: 06-06-2017

2. Donation to Kamogelo Day Care Centre

CProgrès NGDO donates to Kamogelo Day Care Centre. More…

Date Posted: 27-05-2017

3. Donation to Naledi Education Centre.

CProgrès NGDO donates to Naledi Education Centre. More...

Date Posted: 27-05-2017

4. Bell of Hope

When a community has partially or completely lost self-confidence, it is important to identify elements that can raise hope. These elements make the  “Bell of the Hope”. More

Date posted: 26-05-2013

5. Popcorn Revolution

Many communities are stuck on how to organize themselves and move forward. Maybe learning how popcorn pop can give new ideas on how to turn things around. More...

Date posted: 06-05-2013

6. Members of the Congolese Community Support TP Mazembe to Victory Against Mochudi Chiefs

Saturday March 16, 2013, close to 200 members of the Congolese Community in Botswana came to support Tout Puissant Mazembe against Mochudi Chiefs at the UB Stadium in Gaborone, Botswana. Congolese demonstrated an exemplary support. Live this through the videos below thanks to the Info Service Congo Progrès ONGD.Click HERE to learn more.

Date posted: 13-04-2013

7. The Congolese Community in Botswana Supports Congolese Athletes at the 2011 African Junior Athletics Championships

Athletes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo attended the African Junior Athletics Championships organized in Gaborone, Botswana from the 12th to the 15th of May 2011. They came late and very much unprepared. Members of the Congolese Community living in Botswana stepped in to spare the image and the dignity of their country.Click HERE to learn more.

Date posted
: 24-04-2013

8. Application for Biometric Passports: Young Congolese in Botswana Show Leadership and a Great Sense of Responsibility for their Community

From the 3rd to 5th of August 2012, two staff members of the D.R.C embassy in Pretoria traveled to Gaborone, Botswana to process applications for the biometrics passports by 35 Congolese nationals living in Botswana. This has spared for the applicants time, money, risks of driving over long distances and other procedures. This achievement is the result of an initiative taken by 3 Congolese living in Botswana and shows how leadership and a great sense of responsibility can help many. Click HERE to learn more.

Date posted: 20-08-2012

9. Bambino College: An Example of How Congolese Contribute to the Development of Botswana

Bambino College is a training institution initiated by a Congolese couple that settled in Botswana more than 10 years ago. Mr. Appollinaire Kankwenda has taught for many years. As years went by, he decided with his spouse, Mrs. Stephanie Lukusa Kankwenda to start they own school. Today their dream has become true.Click HERE to learn more.

Date posted: 20-08-2012

10. Sensitization on the themes Communities, Vision and Values
Organizations are created and destroyed, the development of communities slow or stagnant, many are those who don’t want any more to be part of a community organization ... Is there a remedy? Click HERE to know more.

Date posted: 15-06-2011

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Millions lack food, at least 400,000 malnourrished children face death! Donate today! Des millions sans nourriture,au moins 400,000 enfants malnourris exposés à la mort! Faites un don aujourd’hui! TENK