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Building Communities

Articles of this category are dealing with important topics for individuals and communities. It is important that players in each community have a clear idea of the different concepts and their importance so that they can build their communities on a strong foundation.

Article Date Posted Comments
1. Bell of
26-05-2013 When a community has partially or completely lost self-confidence, it is important to identify elements that can raise hope. These elements make the  “Bell of the Hope”. More
2. Projections 20-05-2013 Communities need to project their financial potential in order to foresee what their members achieve together. More...
3. Revolution 06-05-2013 Many communities are stuck on how to organize themselves and move forward. Learning how popcorn pop can give ideas on how to turn things around. More...
4. Constitution 13-03-2013 Many people willing to start a community organization have difficulties to draft a constitution. This is a template of a constitution that can be helpful. More...
5. Vision 25-05-2011 This article is aiming at sensitizing communities about the importance of laying out a clear vision for their success.More...
6. Values 22-05-2011 The purpose of this topic is to shade light on values and their importance in the success of individuals, organizations and communities.More...
7. Community 05-05-2011 The purpose of this article is to trigger a reflection among the members    of communities regarding their status as community and to help    identify gaps for improvements purpose. More
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