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Congo Progrès ONGD welcomes new members to various projects. Should you be interested in joining any of them, click on Membership in the Main Menu† to fill and submit an application for registration. You also have the option to click here to register; this will enable Congo Progrès ONGD to put you on its mailing list and† process your registration. Currently membership is open for the Coordination Health Professionals or COPROSA. Once your membership is†confirmed, click on Members Login on the left side of the homepage to log in your categoryís web space and access information relevant to your group. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the different types of memberships before you register.

NGO members

Conscious of their mission to contribute to the socio-economic, political and cultural well-being as well as reinforcing capacities of the Congolese citizens for their full development, members of Congo Progrès ONGD work tirelessly to the realization of this ambitious objective.

If you are already a member of Congo Progrès ONGD or involved in a Congo Progrès ONGD project,†click here to login the membersí space.

Volunteer Corps of Congo Progrès ONGD

Should you be interested in volunteering your time, your efforts or in any other way to assist the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, kindly join the Volunteer Corps of Congo Progrès ONGD, CORVO in short. Sons, daughters and friends of D.R. Congo, letís put our efforts together to get the country back on its feet. If you want to join CORVO click here.

Coordination of Health Professionals (COPROSA)

If you are a health professional from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the Diaspora, COPROSA is meant for you. It is a meeting place, a place for exchange, solidarity, collaboration, coordination and fulfillment. As a member COPROSA, you are called to be an active agent of development. It you want to join COPROSA, click here.

Congolese in Botswana: web space dedicated to sharing vital information among members of the Congolese Community in Botswana. If you want to join this platform,† click here.

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