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Human Rights

December 10 of every year, the international community celebrates the Human Rights Day, which commemorates the adoption of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights by the general assembly of the organization of the United Nations (UNO) in 1948.

Human rights or rights of the person, designate a concept according to which each human being possesses universal rights, regardless the positive right in force or the other local factors such as the ethnic group or the nationality. These are prerogatives recognized to individuals, considered to be essential to democracy and to peace, therefore generally recognized by norms of constitutional value and/or by international conventions, so that their respect is ensured, even against the state should the need arise.

It is now universally admitted that lasting development is impossible without respecting human rights. We live in times with increasing possibilities of integration. We can finally hope, by placing the dignity of every human being to the very heart of our approach to development, to pull from absolute poverty a big number of the most resourceless inhabitants of the planet, to put an end to child labor, to assure that every family meets its basic needs and to allow each person to give a meaning to his life.

Recognizing the fundamental link that exists between the human rights and development, Congo Progrès ONGD initiates actions to promote, protect and defend human rights with as overall objective, the complete development of individuals, communities and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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