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There are several ways to help responding to the humanitarian crisis in the Great Kasaï. Hopefully, an agreement will be made very soon with a reliable partner in DRC who can assist tax exemption and other necessary steps within their capability to ensure that the donations reach their destination. Unless specified otherwise, senders will bear the costs involved.

Ways of Helping


Your financial contribution can help pay the necessary aid for the disaster victims. It is the fastest way to contribute in a situation of emergency because it allows purchasing services and necessary products to answer the humanitarian crisis with the least possible logistical constraint. With the current technological advances, it is possible to obtain the contributions from almost everywhere in the world.


Needed items include food, clothes including used ones, shoes, blankets, toiletry, school items, medicines and tents. An entire logistic system is needed in order to send donations to the disaster victims but it is possible to use to the existing systems provided bills are paid thus the need for financial resources. If there are some channels through which donations can be sent to the disaster victims, kindly use them as quickly as possible and share with us the information so that others can be inspired. At the same time all efforts must be pursued to put in place a system of channeling the contributions from several sources in different countries. The success of the latter dwells in the implication of Congolese residing in these countries and the collaboration with the other communities and various institutions.

Personal Involvement

Offering his or her services is another way contributing. For example there is a great shortage of medical personnel.  If there are vehicles to transport donations, drivers are also needed. Educational programs are going to require teachers. There are a lot of activities in the camps for refugees and internally displaced people requiring manpower.

Sensitization and Mobilization

It is a key aspect of the humanitarian response. It is necessary to make known the humanitarian crisis as widely as possible and solicit the implication of people of good will. Wherever you are, your contribution in this sense can help to save several human lives. This action is primordial in the light of the big media silence on this crisis. Your voice, the use of social media, the use of the existing technologies in the field of communication can help to overcome this handicap.


The key is in your personal and collective engagement!!!

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Millions lack food, at least 400,000 malnourrished children face death! Donate today! Des millions sans nourriture,au moins 400,000 enfants malnourris exposés à la mort! Faites un don aujourd’hui! TENK